We always prefer to come together as God's people, so we can be strengthened in His Word in fellowship with other believers. Sadly, this isn't always possible. However, when we cannot gather together for any reason, we still need opportunities to grow in God's Word. For this purpose our Pastor has made the following sermon(s) available. Click a link below to listen to the sermon:

Trinity 6, July 19, 2020
Trinity 5, July 12, 2020

This Month's Congregation at Prayer

Please make use of the document below to guide you in your daily devotions. This resource unites the congregation around the language of faith drawn from Holy Scriptures. Use as much as you can or as your family size and ages dictate. Especially learn-by-heart (memorize by repetition) the Catechism, Bible Verse, and Hymn. The meditations are intended to help you in your study and prayer of the Scriptures.
The Congregation at Prayer, July, 2020